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(Early images - caution some are rough


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    Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) July 2020

    Comet C2011 L4(PANSTARRS) March 2013

    Saturn March 2007   

    Deep Impact Event - Comet Tempel1   

    Saturn February 2005   

    Moon - January 2005    

    Comet Machholz Jan 2005   

    Saturn October 2004    

    Wilhelm and Longomontanus    

    Montes Carpatus    

    Schroter's Valley and Aristarchus    

    Jupiter Moon Shadow Transit   

    Jupiter - March 2004   

    Saturn - December 2003   

    Moon Craters Mountains and Valleys Nov03  

    Mars at Opposition 2003  

    Lunar Eclipse  (1.3Meg)   ARCHIVES

Saturn_11-30-02.jpg (20098 bytes)    Saturn

Mare_Nubium.jpg (220791 bytes)    Mare Nubium and the Straight Wall

Jupiter_collage.jpg (99495 bytes)    Jupiter Collage  ARCHIVES

Jupiter_Moons_Merged.jpg (19869 bytes)    Jupiter and Moons

Saturn_Moon_Cmpst.jpg (23265 bytes)    Saturn and Moons

Venus_1102_B.jpg (14988 bytes)    Venus