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Saturn March 2007


Scope: C8 f/22 (approx)  Location: Dos Picos Park, Ramona, CA;  10 Mar. 2007;   Camera: Vesta 690 Non-RAW mod

Exposure: Approx 164 x .2 sec, Color CCD Exposure with IR Block. Used best 127 frames

Processing: Image was captured in K3CCDTools 2. Aligned/stacked in Registax 3 using best 127 (approx) frames and saved as TIFF. The image was re-sampled at 2x and some wavelet processing was applied. Color seemed to have been biased to the blue overall so this was corrected in Photoshop. At the time, Saturn was relatively high in the sky, so atmospheric refraction would have been expected to be small. Histogram levels were adjusted to full range and color saturation adjustment was done in Photoshop. SGBNR (PixInsight LE) was lightly applied to the final image.

The image was taken under conditions of relatively good seeing. It is interesting to compare this image with those of 2005 and 2004 - it can be seen that the 2007 inclination of the rings is shallower than in those previous years.



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