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Mars Opposition 2003


Scope: C8 f/40  Location: Del Mar CA   8/27/03 (1.5 hiurs before opposition) Camera: Vesta 690

Exposure: 150  frames taken with IR, filter. About 120 frames were used

Skies were cooperative this night and the air was pretty steady.

Processing: Captured in K3CCDTools. Aligned and stacked in Registax with some wavelet processing.. Air was reasonably stable this night and some surface detail could be brought out.. The result had minor touch up in Photoshop. 


The two imges below were taken on 8/17/03 (left) and 7/27/03 (right). The image on the left was taken with the C8 at f/30 and the picture n the right was taken with the Starmax127 at f/36. As can be expected, the larger aperature provides greater resolution and detail.



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