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Scope: ST80  f/3 Location: Del Mar CA  5/16/2003 Camera: Vesta 690

Exposure: 18 Images in the animation About 50 frames per image with various exposures from 1/1500 sec to .5 secs with IR block filter.

Processing: Each image was captured in K3CCDTools and stacked and aligned in Registax. Wavelet sharpen and soften also applied in Registax. Each of the 18 images were  matched in alignment with K3CCDTools; exposure equalization adjustment was made in Photoshop. The 18 images were then reassembled into an AVI.

The 18 images were taken at 5 minute intervals from totality until the end of the umbral eclipse. The images were assembled in reverse order for better visual appearance (to go from full to totality). So in fact this is a reverse sequence. Horizontal FOV is about 50'


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