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Montes Carpatus



Scope: C8 f/30 Location: Del Mar CA;  23 Sept 2004;  Camera: Vesta 690

Exposure: .2 sec frames - approximately 100  frames chosen with IR filter. Best 50 frames (approx) used. Four frame mosaic.

Processing: AVIs were aligned and stacked in Registax. Some wavelet processing was applied. Images were saved in TIFF format. Mosaic combine performed in PhotoShop. Noise reduction performed by SGBNR in PixInsight. Final touch up in Photoshop involved some sharpening and color balance.

One of two lunar targets this evening. The other target was the Wilhelm Longomontanus group.  This image shows Montes Carpatus as well as Rima Gay-Lussac and Crater Gay-Lussac (lower center), the Draper group (upper right in the plain), and the Tobias Mayer group (left). I believe the horizontal FOV is about 2.5' 


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