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Saturn October 2004


Scope: C8 f/25 Location: Del Mar, CA;  23 Oct. 2004;   Camera: Vesta 690 

Exposure: Approx 100 x .2 sec, Color CCD Exposure with IR Block. (Both Images)

Processing: Images were captured in K3CCDTools. Aligned/stacked in Registax using best 50 (approx) frames and saved as TIFF. The images were re-sampled at 1.5x and some wavelet processing was applied. Color seemed to have been biased to the red (even with the IR block). I  believe my color settings during exposure may not have been carefully set. Re balancing and color saturation adjustment was done in Photoshop. SGBNR (PixInsight LE) was lightly applied to the final images.

Both images were made early the morning of Oct 23. The sky was reasonably stable for these images. Horizontal FOV is approx 1.5'


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