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(Early images - caution some are rough


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NGC 752 in Andromeda   (Wide) Double Cluster in Perseus NGC2506 (Melotte 80, Collinder 170)  LDN 989, 974 and Open Clusters NGC 7062, 7067 IC 1369, SH1-89 in Cygnus NGC 7790 and NGC 7788 in Cassiopeia M45 Pleiades in Taurus
M67_FR3_SGIR.jpg (55578 bytes)
NGC457 - Owl Cluster NGC 663 and NGC 654 in Cassiopeia NGC 2420 in Gemini   M50 and vdB 87 in Monoceros   M38  Region in Auriga  M67 - King Cobra Cluster  M46 M47 Pupis
NGC 1245 in Perseus NGC 225 and vdB 4 NGC 2451 in Puppis  NGC 2281 in Auriga    NGC 2204 in Canis Major   NGC 1664 in Auriga NGC 1807 and NGC 1817 in Taurus  
NGC 7686 in Andromeda M7 in Scorpius  M48 in Hydra   M46 in Puppis NGC 2112 in Orion NGC 2251 in Monoceros Melotte 71 Open Cluster in Puppis 
NGC 2194 in Orion NGC 1662 in Orion NGC 1647 in Taurus NGC 1545 in Perseus NGC 752 in Andromeda   NGC 129 in Cassiopeia NGC 7209 in Lacerta   
 NGC 7419 and Sharpless 154 in Cepheus    M25 in Sagittarius  NGC 6755 and NGC 6756 in Aquila   NGC 6709 in Aquila  M18 in Sagittarius   NGC 6633 in Ophiuchus  NGC 7243 in Lacerta  
M44 Beehive in Cancer   NGC 2539 in Puppis   NGC 2354 in Canis Major   NGC2360 in Canis Major    NGC 2477 in Puppis   NGC 2301 in Monoceros   NGC 2374 in Canis Major  
 M47 in Puppis   NGC 1342 in Perseus   NGC 1528 in Perseus   NGC 1027 in Cassiopeia  

    NGC 188 in Cepheus    

NGC 6940 in Vulpecula   NGC 6866 in Cygnus  
M52 in Cassiopeia    M23 in Sagittarius   NGC 6811 in Cygnus    NGC 6819 in Cygnus   IC 4756 in Serpens  NGC 6939 in Cepheus   NGC 6791 in Lyra   
 M41 in Canis Major    M37 in Auriga   NGC 2353 in Monoceros  NGC 1746 - NGC 1750 and NGC 1758   M39 and NGC 7067 in Cygnus  IC 4665 in Ophiuchus    M6 and NGC6416 in Scorpius 
 M29 in Cygnus   M26 in Scutum M11 (Wild Duck) in Scutum   NGC 2345 in Canis Major  M35 in Gemini    NGC 2158  M34 in Perseus  
NGC 7789 in Cassiopeia   Sagittarius Star Field - M24   M93 in Puppis      M39 in Cygnus  NGC 2546 in Puppis  NGC 2362 in Canis Major  NGC 1582 in Perseus  
M103_FR5_IRAA.jpg (62920 bytes)
M36 in Auriga    M103 in Cassiopeia  NGC 2383 and 2384 in Canis Major  M21 in Sagittarius  M24 in Sagittarius   Kemble's Cascade  NGC   1502 


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