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NGC 752 in Andromeda



Scope: FSQ-106N at f/5, Location: DAA Observatory, Shelter Valley, CA,   8 October 2020  Camera: ASI1600M (Astronomik Gen 2  RGB Filters)

Exposure:  20 x 5 min (1x1 bin, gain 124) each - RGB exposures.

Processing: Data Collection - Sequence Generator Pro (as FITs). Sub frame calibration - Pixinsight. Sub frame registration and integration (Average combine - Winsorized Sigma Clipping) - PixInsight. Non-linear stretching, normalization and gradient removal - PixInsight.  RGB combine, Luminance layering - PixInsight. Final finishing - Affinity Photo. RGB photometric calibration - PixInsight.  This image is a RGB combine with Luminance layering. Luminance channel was synthetic construction of average of master RGB stacks with equal weights. Images processed at 4656 x 3520 resolution. Final Image size is approximately 4000x3000.

North is up in this image. Open cluster, NGC 752 (also known as Melotte 12 and MWSC 151) is central in this image. The depth and  relatively busy star field cluster makes the clsuter somewhat less pronounced . But the image does reveal a richness of background galaxies  - notably IC 1799 and several of the brighter background galaxies in the PGC catalog. These background galaxies are best seen in the full size view.  One interesting object is the distant quasar, HS 0159+3806, which has a redshift of 1.960 and a light  travel time of 9.98 billion light years. The distance of the cluster NGC 752 is about 1,490 light years . These objects and some of the brighter stars are identified in the annotated image. Horizontal FOV is about 114'.  Full size image scale is 1.7 arcsec/pix.

Image center is approximately - Equatorial 2000: RA: 01h 57m 36s Dec: +37 45' 10" 


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