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M35 in Gemini



Scope: Megrez II  f/5.9; Location:  Dos Picos Park, Ramona, CA;  13 December 2007; Camera: Camera: Artemis285

Exposure: 14 x 60 sec  Luminance exposures with Baader IR Block Filter (1x1 bin); 8 x 60 sec RGB (1x1 bin) 

Processing: Images were captured Artemis Capture (as FITs). Aligned/stacked and dark subtracted in Astroart with Sigma Combine. Luminance and Color channels were scaled and rough color balanced in Astroart.  Channels were co-registered in Astroart. The 2 min IR block exposures were used as the main luminance construction with level adjustments and curves to bring out dim stars. Final LRGB combine was done in Photoshop.   Final touches were done in Photoshop.  Final Image size is approximately 1392x1040.

North is up in this image. In this image M35 is the loose cluster of mostly blue stars in the center; NGC 2158 is the cluster seen in the lower Right. This is an image of Near and Far; Young and Old. M35 is about 2800 light years away while NGC 2158 is about 1,600 light years distant. M35 is a young blue star cluster whereas NGC 2158 is about 10 times older with mostly older red stars. This image replaces an earlier image that can be seen in the Archives here.  A close up of NGC2158 is shown below. Horizontal FOV is about 50'.

NGC 2158 Close Up


Scope: C8  f/5; Location:  Del Mar CA;  23 Oct. 2004; Camera: ToUcam SC3

Exposure: 24 x 18 sec  Luminance exposure with Baader IR Block Filter; 20 x 12 sec RGB 

Processing: All exposures captured  in K3CCDTools. Alignment and stacking was done with Registax and saved as FITs. LRGB channels were co-registered in Astroart. Luminance and Color channels were scaled and rough color balanced in Astroart.   Final LRGB combine was done in Photoshop using Luminance Layering (or LLRGB). Color balancing and final touches were done in Photoshop. SGBNR (PixInsight LE) was used to smooth background noise on the luminance channel. Resized to approximately 800x600.

This image was an unguided exposure.   Some astronomers have called this a globular cluster - I can see why (color and structure) - but it is catalogued an open cluster. Horizontal FOV is about 16'.


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