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Sharpless 240 in Taurus



Scope: Vivitar 180mm SLR at f/4,  Location: Dos Picos Park, Ramona, CA   13 January, 2007,   Camera: Artemis285

Exposure: Two frame mosaic. Each frame - 6 x 600 sec H-Alpha (2x2), 8 x 60 sec RGB Exposures (2x2). 

Processing: Images were captured  with Artemis Capture (as FITs).  Aligned/stacked in Registax 3 and saved as FITS. Luminance,  H-Alpha  and Color channels were scaled and  color balanced in Astroart. Channels were co-registered in Astroart.  Central gradient removal was performed in Astroart. Luminance construction consisted of the H-Alpha exposure. Curves and Levels applied in Photoshop to optimize object features. As this object is very dim, a heavy stretch would have been needed to display the structure. The features were brought out more with re-addition of the extracted nebula (using Dust and Scratches) and a Linear Dodge of the extracted nebula with higher contrast. The extracted nebula was also "lighten" combined with the red channel for nebula color.  Final LRGB combine was done in Photoshop using Luminance Layering (or LLRGB). Background level was set high to make the structure more visible  After each frame was processed as described, mosaic combine was done in Photoshop.   Final Image size is approximately 1507x1040.

 North is up  in this image. Sh2-240 is also catalogued as Simeis 147 -  it is located in the constellation of Taurus.  This structure is a faint supernova remnant. It is estimated at a distance from Earth of 3,000 light years and 160 light years across. It covers  over 3 degrees of sky - the diameter of 6 full moons side by side. The Horizontal FOV of this image is 232' - almost 4 degrees.

Image center is located approximately - Equatorial 2000: RA: 05h 42m 05s Dec: +2755'01"


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