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NGC 5945 in Bootes



Scope: Celestron 9.25 Edge 235 mm at f/7, Location: DAA Observatory, Shelter Valley, CA,  21 May 2017  Camera: ST8300M (Baader LRGB filters)

Exposure: Exposure:  16 x 11 min (2x2 bin) exposure with IR/UV Block filter, 8 x 4 min (2x2 bin) RGB exposures.

Processing: Data Collection -  Sequence Generator Pro (as FITs).  Calibrated, stacked (Kappa Sigma Combine) - Deep Sky Stacker. LRGB channel registration, equalization, and gradient removal - Astroart.  Curves, Levels, RGB combine - ImagesPlus. Luminance Layering, final stretch, and finishing  - Photoshop.  RGB calibration - eXcalibrator. This image is a  RGB combine with Luminance layering.  Color saturation in LAB color.  The IR/UV Blocking filter exposure stack was used for the luminance layer. Images processed at 3352 x 2532 resolution. Final Image size is approximately  2800 x 2100.

North is up in this image.   This field encompasses the galaxy group [CHM2007] HDC 908 identified in the catalog "Groups of Galaxies in the Two Micron All Sky Redshift Survey" (Crook et. al.). There are six members (NGC  5934, 5935, 5943, 5945, 5947 and UGC 9873); NGC 5945 is the dominant galaxy (with the ring and extended faint plumes - upper center-left). There are other visible background galaxies  in this field - some with high redshift values that put their lookback distance at distances of about 1 billion light years. There is also a high proper-motion star - LHS 3075 - just below NGC 5945.  Some of these galaxies and some of the brighter stars are identified in the annotated image.Horizontal FOV is approximately 38 arc minutes.

Image center is located approximately - Equatorial 2000: RA: 15h 29m 14s Dec: +4248'30"


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