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NGC 4261 Region in Virgo



Scope: Explore Scientific MN152 Maksutov Newtonian at f/4.8, Location: DAA Observatory, Shelter Valley, CA,  3 December 2016  Camera: ST8300M (Baader Ha LRGB filters)

Exposure: Exposure:  14 x 12 min (1x1 bin) exposure with IR/UV Block filter, 8 x 4 min (2x2 bin) RGB exposures.

Processing: Data Collection -  Sequence Generator Pro (as FITs).  Calibrated, stacked (Kappa Sigma Combine) - Deep Sky Stacker. LRGB channel registration, equalization, and gradient removal - Astroart.  Curves, Levels, RGB combine - ImagesPlus. Luminance Layering, final stretch, and finishing  - Photoshop.  RGB calibration - eXcalibrator. This image is a  RGB combine with Luminance layering.  Color saturation in LAB color.  The IR/UV Blocking filter exposure stack was used for the luminance layer. Images processed at 3352 x 2532 resolution. Final Image size is approximately  2800 x 2100.

North is to the left in this image.   The main feature in this image is the NGC 4261 galaxy group. The more dominant galaxies in this group are NGC 4260, 4261, and 4281. NGC 4261 is believed to host a massive central black hole. This group lies in the direction of the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies in the sky but is considered separate in that it has about twice the red shift of the Virgo Cluster.  Also in this field  is the deep background cluster of Abell 1516. By red shift look back, the Abel Cluster is estimated about 1.08 billion light years distant.  These objects  are identified in the annotated image.. The NGC 4261 galaxy group is centered about 100 to 120 million light years distant. This image replaces an earlier image that can be accessed in the Archives here. Horizontal FOV is approximately 88 arc minutes.

Image center is located approximately - Equatorial 2000: RA: 12h 19m 24s Dec: +0549'00" 


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