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NGC 2467 in Puppis



Scope: Explore Scientific MN152  Maksutov Newtonian at f/4.8, Location: Laguna Mountains, CA   25 January 2014  Camera: Atik 383L

Exposure: Exposure:  13 x 10 minutes (1x1 bin)  exposure with Hydrogen Alpha filter, 8 x 4 min (2x2 bin) RGB exposures.

Processing: Data Collection -  Artemis Capture (as FITs).  Calibrated, stacked (Kappa Sigma Combine) - Deep Sky Stacker, LRGB channel registration, equalization, and central gradient removal - Astroart.  Curves, Levels, LRGB combine and finishing  - Photoshop. This image is a  Ha- (HaR)GB combine with Luminance layering.  Color saturation in LAB color; H-Alpha exposure stacks were blended  with synthetic RGB luminance for the luminance layer.   Final Image size is approximately 2400 x 1800.

North is up in this image.  NGC 2467 is cataloged as a cluster with nebulosity (HII region), however, current data suggest the stars are in loose association and are not a true cluster. As an HII region, it also has a Sharpless 311 designation and LBN 1066 designation. This field is located in the constellation of Puppis about  3 degrees southwest of M93.  In the very upper left corner is the open cluster C 0753-258 -  it is about 7,500 light years distant.  NGC 2467 lies about 17,000 light years distant from Earth.  This image replaces and earlier image in the Archives here.  Horizontal FOV is 88'

Image center is approximately - Equatorial 2000: RA: 07h 53m 05s Dec: -2624'51"


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