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M72 in Aquarius


Scope: C8  f/5 Location: Del Mar, CA   11/13/2003  Camera: ToUcam SC3

Exposure: 16 x 10 sec  and 9 x 20 sec  Luminance Exposure with IR block filter, 14 x 10 sec each RGB  Exposures

Processing: Captured  and stacked in K3CCDTools in with L,R,G,B saved as FITs. LRGB masters were registered  in Astroart. Some Lowpass filtering was applied followed by un-sharp mask on the Luminance frame. LRGB Combine was done in Photoshop using Luminance Layering (or LLRGB). Color balance and final touches in Photoshop.

M72 is somewhat  dim compared to other Globular Clusters. This image was taken in a light polluted area with less than clear skies  It is irregularly shaped in a medium dense surrounding star field. imaging conditions limited the depth, but a good sense of the shape of this globular can be seen.  Horizontal FOV is 16'


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