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M13 in Hercules




Scope: C8 f/7.5; Location: Del Mar, CA;  17 May. 2008; Camera: Canon XT 350D (Un-modified)

Exposure: 21 x 30 sec (no filters) ISO 800, 6 Darks, no Flats

Processing: Images were captured with Images Plus Camera Control (Demo)  and saved as RAW.  Images were decoded and dark corrected in IRIS. Images were aligned and stacked in IRIS with Sigma Median. Dark point equalization and rough color balance  was done in IRIS along with a Central gradient removal. Color saturation, and gamma adjustments also done in Iris. Image was saved as TIFF. Final stretching and touch up was done in PhotoShop. SGBNR was used for a light background noise reduction. Final Image size is approximately 2501 x1666

North is up in this image. The image was taken with fairly good conditions at a light polluted site. This is a guided image.  M13 is one of the most prominent and best known globulars of the Northern celestial hemisphere. It  is one of the more outstanding globular clusters - it contains an estimated several 100,000 stars and is estimated to be about 25,100 light years distant. According to Kenneth Glyn Jones, M13 is peculiar in containing one young blue star, Barnard No. 29, of spectral type B2 (I believe it can be seen in the full resolution image in the lower right of the globular disc). Also in this image in the upper left is a small, dim galaxy - NGC 6207. This image complements a CCD image with the Artemis285 Camera that can be seen here . Horizontal FOV is 48'

Image Center is approximately - Equatorial 2000: RA: 16h 42m 25s Dec: +3634'32"

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