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Galaxy Field in Virgo / Coma Berenices




Scope: Zenithstar 66 mm APO at f/4.6; Location: Dos Picos Park, Ramona, CA;  23 March, 2009; Camera: Canon XT 350D (Baader ACF modified)

Exposure: 15 x 5 min  (no filters) ISO 800, 8 Darks each, no Flats 

Processing: Images were captured with DSLR Focus  and saved as RAW file format. Images were decoded and dark corrected in IRIS. Images were aligned and stacked in IRIS with Sigma Median.  Dark point equalization and rough color balance  were done in IRIS. Gamma adjustments also done in Iris. The exposure stack was saved as Tiff.  Final stretching and touch up was done in PhotoShop.  A light background noise reduction was applied using PixInsight LE (SGBNR)  Final Image size is approximately 2400 X1599.

North is up in this image.  This image is guided.  This is an image of the M84, M86 group and Markarian's Chain of galaxies (right side extending to upper right). M87 is the  galaxy in the lower center. On the left side are galaxies M90, M89, and M58. In the lower left are two galaxies jointly designated NGC 4567 and known by the common name of the "Siamese Twins".  There are numerous other galaxies that are best seen in the High resolution version of this image. These prominent galaxies are approximately 60 million light years distant from Earth. . Horizontal FOV is about 4 deg, 8 min.

Image Center is approximately - Equatorial 2000: RA: 12h 31m 30s Dec: +1259'39"

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