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M33 Triangulum Galaxy




Scope: C8 203 mm at f/6.2; Location: Laguna Mountains, CA;  2 August, 2008; Camera: Canon XT 350D (Baader ACF modified)

Exposure: 10 x 10 min (no filters) ISO 800, 6 Darks, no Flats 

Processing: Images were captured with DSLR Focus  and saved as RAW file format. Images were decoded and dark corrected in IRIS. Images were aligned and stacked in IRIS with Sigma Median. Dark point equalization and rough color balance  were done in IRIS. Color saturation, and gamma adjustments also done in Iris. Image was saved as Tiff. Final stretching and touch up was done in PhotoShop.  Final Image size is approximately 3456x2264

North is to the left in this image. The image was taken with fairly good conditions at a dark site. This is a guided image.  This image features the high resolution of a DSLR on M33. There are several star forming regions with H-Alpha emission - these are seen as the red clumps within the galaxy. The most prominent in the lower  center is also known as NGC 604. M33 is a prominent member of the local galaxy group including our milky way and M31 Andromeda galaxy. Its distance to Earth is about 3 million light years. A CCD image of M33 can be seen here. Horizontal FOV is 178'

Object Center is approximately - Equatorial 2000: RA: 01h 33m 50s Dec: +3039'37"

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