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Celestron C8



The C8 is mounted on the AS mount. Like the Starmax 127 mounting, the ST80 is dual mounted. In the image below, the system is configured with both cameras - the Vesta is always used for guiding, so this setup shows the ST80 as a guide scope. My most recent edition is a William Optics Megrez II ED. I use the Megrez in place of the ST80. As an ED Refractor, it is better form imaging than the ST80 is. The set up with the Megrez can be seen here.

 This is a system with a Goto mount. The mount comes equipped with an with an Autoguide port. I have worked out a Autoguide interface that will operate with K3CCDTools in the Drift Explorer mode. The Autoguide interface can be accessed here.

Also shown below is the mounting plate used to mount both scopes.



Details of the Dual Scope Mounting brackets are illustrated in the images below

This is an image of the C8 Dual Scope set up in the field at a site in the Laguna Mountains near San Diego.

Megrez II ED Dual Mounted on the C8 System


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