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Artemis285 Cameras and Accessories




This is the Artemis285 Camera. It is very similar to the ATIK 16HR camera. It uses the Sony ICX285AL CCD. 

It is a 1392 x 1040 pixel camera format with 16 bit resolution. The CCD is an anti-blooming design. One of the aspects I have like about this camera is a relatively low read noise.


CCD Close in:

This view shows the CCD behind the cold chamber window. The mounting system for the camera is a T-Thread



The left row of components are my focal reducers (and the SCT to T-Thread adapter). The Paul Rini reducer is mounted by a 2" nose piece - the rear coupling is a T-Thread. Note that the Celestron 0.63 reducer is mounted by a 2" nosepiece. This allows the reducer to be used on the Megrez. It cannot be used for reduction more than about 0.75 since the SCT correction begins to distort the refractor performance. The middle row shows the T-Thread spacers from 5 mm to 30 mm. These spacers can be stacked and are used for distance adjustment between focal reducers and CCD surface. The right hand row is the Astronomik filter drawer system I use.



Portable Power:

Skies at my house are not very dark, so I usually travel to dark sites. The scope set up and cameras are portable enough but the need power (and so does the Laptop sometime). I have a 42 AHR battery; I built a simple control panel with a built in charger. I have two of these 42 AH batteries. Also included is a small 120 Vac inverter for AC accessories. I carry it all in a soft lunch cooler.




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