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January 10, 2015      

Welcome to my website about astronomy and astrophotography. Like many others, I have enjoyed astronomy and observing the night sky. Much of my observing experience has been taking pictures of the many astronomical objects in our known universe. My website is a collection of the many pictures I have taken over the years. 

I have taken many of my pictures with optics ranging from DSLR lenses to amateur class astronomical telescopes. The cameras I use are mostly dedicated astronomical cameras with Charge Coupled Device (CCD) sensors. But I have also used a Cannon 350D DSLR camera. For some of my older images I have used webcams modified for long exposure use. I have dedicated a separate section of this website for DSLR astrophotography.

There are many images  on this site. I have deliberately left earlier images even though they may be of poorer quality simply because they represent the observations I have made over the years. Some images are archived - particularly where I have re-imaged an object. Some older or replaced images are still available in Archives (available in sidebar). My most recent images are linked below for handy reference. Or you can browse the image galleries that are grouped by object types (Nebula, Galaxy, Cluster, etc.) (also available on sidebar). Finally, I have a (solar system, lunar, other object catalog).

Finally, one of the more gratifying results form my observations was the discovery of  a new nebula surrounding an eruptive variable star V900 Mon. A scientific paper by by staff of the Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii was authored by Bo Reipurth, Colin Aspen, and G.H. Herbig. The discovery image is an image of LBN1022. The new nebula is located in the field of this image. A 2011 image of this region made by Adam Block shows this new nebula in greater detail.



LDN 1495 and LBN 782 in Taurus LBN 688 in Aries IC 1985 - Barnard 3 and 4 in Perseus NGC 1245 in Perseus NGC 225 and vdB 4 Sharpless 135 and NGC 7261  Sharpless 154 and vdB 154 in Cepheus
Sharpless 140 in Cepheus  Sharpless 132 in Cepheus Southern Cygnus Loop NGC 6914 Region in Cygnus LBN 265 in Cygnus LBN 302 Region in Cygnus SH2-115 and 116 in Cygnus 
LBN 468 in Cepheus LBN 315 Region in Cygnus LDN 1217 and vdB 152  in Cepheus NGC 7023 and Sharpless 136 Barnard 150 Cepheus IC 1287 in Scutum Abell 2151 - Hercules Galaxy Cluster
LDN 673 in Aquila NGC 6503 in Draco LDN 204 in Ophiuchus NGC 5792 in Libra LBN 19 Region in Serpens NGC 4395 in Canes Venatici M58 Region in Virgo
LBN 406 in Draco LBN 1036 and NGC 2353 in Monoceros M49 Region in Virgo M53 in Coma Berenices  NGC 2467 in Puppis    NGC 2683 in Lynx NGC 2451 in Puppis 
NGC2403 in Camelopardalis    IC 417 and NGC 1931 in Auriga   NGC 2281 in Auriga    NGC 2204 in Canis Major   Barnard 30 31 32 in Orion NGC 1664 in Auriga NGC 1807 and NGC 1817 in Taurus  
NGC 1055 in Cetus IC 348 (wide field) in Perseus NGC 253 - Sculptor Galaxy     NGC 1023 and   IC 239 NGC 7686 in Andromeda Abell 426 and NGC 1275 in Perseus

LBN 317 in Cygnus


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