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The Thumbnail images below provide links to my recent Images:

    M74 in Pisces        NEW!

    NGC 7822 in Cepheus      NEW! 

    IC 1613 in Cetus     NEW!

    NGC 7790 and NGC 7788 in Cassiopeia      NEW!

    NGC 7380 in Cepheus  (with WISE IR data)     NEW! 

    NGC 7209 in Lacerta     NEW!

    LBN 400 in Cygnus      NEW! 

    Lynd's Dark Nebulas in Cygnus      NEW! 

    NGC 7419 and Sharpless 154 in Cepheus      NEW!

    NGC 7331 and Stephan's Quintet in Pegasus     NEW!

    M25 in Sagittarius      NEW!

    "Pickering's Triangle and NGC 6974 in Cygnus     NEW! 

    NGC 6755 and NGC 6756 in Aquila     NEW!

    Sharpless 2-54 NGC 6604 Region in Serpens       NEW! 

    NGC6822 - Barnard's Galaxy      NEW!

    NGC 6960 "Veil" Nebula in Cygnus     NEW! 

    NGC 6709 in Aquila     NEW!

    M18 in Sagittarius      NEW!

    IC 4603 and IC 4604 in Ophiuchus      NEW! 

    NGC 6633 in Ophiuchus     NEW!

    NGC 7243 in Lacerta    NEW!

    Gamma Cygni Nebula IC1318      NEW! 

    NGC 5364 in Virgo     NEW!

    NGC 5775 and NGC 5774 in Virgo     NEW!

    NGC 5424 and NGC 5434 in Bootes     NEW!

    Southern Pinwheel Galaxy - M83        NEW!

    NGC 5371 in Canes Venatici     NEW!

    NGC 4535 and NGC 4519 in Virgo     NEW!

    M44 Beehive in Cancer      NEW!

    NGC 4725 in Coma Berenices    NEW!

    NGC 2539 in Puppis     NEW!

    Leo Triplet, M65, M66, NGC 3628      NEW!

    LBN 1060 - Canis Major and Puppis     NEW! 

    NGC 2354 in Canis Major      NEW!

    NGC2360 in Canis Major      NEW!

    M86 Galaxy Group in Virgo / Coma Berenices      NEW!

    NGC2359 - Thor's Helmet      NEW! 

    NGC 2477 in Puppis      NEW!

    NGC 2301 in Monoceros     NEW!

    Rosette Nebula        NEW! 

    NGC 1788 in Orion      NEW! 

    Christmas Tree Cluster - NGC2264       NEW! 

    NGC 2374 in Canis Major     NEW!

    M47 in Puppis      NEW!

    IC 2118 "Witchhead" in Eridanus    NEW!

    Orion Nebula M42, M43 , and NGC 1977     NEW!

    LDN 1531 and Barnard 18 in Taurus     NEW!

    NGC 1342 in Perseus       NEW!

    NGC 1528 in Perseus      NEW!

    vdB15 and LBN681 in Camelopardalis     NEW!

    IC 1795 in Cassiopeia      NEW!

    IC1848 / Sharpless 199 in Cassiopeia     NEW!

    NGC 600 / NGC 615 in Cetus     NEW!

    LDN 1357 in Cassiopeia     NEW!

    "Heart of the Heart" (IC 1805) and Melotte 15 in Cassiopeia       NEW!


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