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M8 and M20 in Sagittarius





Scope: Megrz II 80 mm APO at f/5.5; Location: Laguna Mountains, CA;  28 June, 2008; Camera: Canon XT 350D (Baader ACF Modified)

Exposure: 10 x 360 sec (no filters) ISO 800, 4 Darks, no Flats and 10 x 120 sec (no filters) ISO 800, 4 Darks , no Flats

Processing: Images were captured with DSLR Focus  and saved as RAW file format. Images were decoded and dark corrected in IRIS. Images were aligned and stacked in IRIS with Sigma Median. Dark point equalization and rough color balance  was done in IRIS. Color saturation, and gamma adjustments also done in Iris. Image was saved as Tiff. Combine of the 360 second and 120 second exposure set stacks was done in Photoshop - the 120 second exposure was mainly used for smaller star size and definition. Final stretching and touch up was done in PhotoShop.  Final Image size is approximately 3450x2300

North is up in this image. The image was taken with fairly good conditions at a dark site. This is a guided image.  This image features the M8 "Lagoon Nebula" and the M20 "Trifid Nebula" as the main characters. Also seen in this field is the open cluster M21 near the top edge, open cluster NGC 6546 near the left edge, globular cluster NGC 6544 in the lower left corner, and faint nebula NGC 6526 on the right between M8 and M20. The bright star on the right edge is 4 Sagittarii.  Vertical FOV is 178'

Object Center is approximately - Equatorial 2000: RA: 18h 03m 42s Dec: -2336'22"

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